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Pure Organic EVOO, Crafting Excellence in Every Drop

Updated: Apr 12

pure extra virgin olive oil crete mykonos

Olive Secret, an olive oil & natural cosmetic company driven by a passion for excellence, holds a secret that sets it apart.

With unwavering commitment, olives are selected from the finest Koroneiki groves in Crete, resulting in an exquisite extra virgin olive oil of low acidity and fruity taste. Each bottle encapsulates the deep affection for the olive tree's fruit, inviting you to experience the secret to its longevity.

At the core of Olive Secret's philosophy lies a profound respect for nature's gift. From harvest to production, every stage adheres to meticulous protocols that honor the natural environment. With strict quality control measures in place, the utmost safety and precision are ensured during standardization and bottling. The result is an olive oil that reflects a passion for excellence, boasting a perfect aroma and intensely fruity taste.

Olive Secret aims to share its treasure with the world. Through participation in competitions and accolades earned, they provide tangible proof of their dedication to quality. Their dream is to spread the taste of their olive oil beyond borders, allowing others to uncover the secret to its longevity and indulge in this earthly delight.

Driven by a passion for excellence in gastronomy, Olive Secret strives to produce exceptional products that meet the highest standards. Through their dedication to harvesting, milling, storage, and bottling protocols, Olive Secret ensures an experience that embodies excellence.

Nestled in Kalo Chorio, Pediada, a historic village in the Heraklion regional unit of Crete, Olive Secret's family olive groves flourish. Located at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level, this picturesque setting traces its roots back to the Minoan era. With a deep sense of responsibility towards olive oil enthusiasts, Olive Secret continuously intensifies its efforts to

pure extra virgin olive oil crete mykonos

nurture the growth and improvement of the primary sector. Rooted in tradition, they prioritize the evolution of production methods while preserving the rich history of the region.

In this blend of tradition and progress, Olive Secret's olive groves thrive, ensuring the production of exceptional olives. The commitment to preserving heritage and techniques, combined with a focus on innovation and advancement, results in olive oil that embodies the legacy of the land and the dedication of those who cultivate it.

The product

Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an award-winning, early harvested (early October), single-variety, organic extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki variety. Its juice is rich in phenolic compounds (antioxidants) with an intense fruity aroma reminiscent of green unripe olives, berries, tomato leaf, and with notes of freshly cut grass, and arugula. Hints of green almond, artichoke, and herbs of the countryside ignite the senses and create a feeling of freshness. A medium intensity bitter and spicy EVOO with a persistent aftertaste ideal to enhance the flavor of your culinary creations!

Ideal food pairings

Greek salad, leafy greens, semi-hard cheeses, tzatziki spread, grilled red meat, bruschettas, cold soups, chocolate desserts, and fruit salads.

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pure extra virgin olive oil crete mykonos

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