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Olive Oil Tasting Events

Olive Oil Tasting Events

Looking for something different for a . . .

Wedding? Corporate event? Hens Day?  Birthday Celebration?   Reunion?   Work get-together?... Throw an Olive Oil Tasting Party!


Tasting olive oil is an art and requires a large amount of knowledge and practice, but it can also be fun and educational. If you are passionate about foods and flavors and want to expand your culinary knowledge, why not throw an olive oil tasting party? A tasting party is a fun and educational way to eat great food, learn more about olive oil, experience a vast array of different and exciting flavors, and have fun with friends, colleagues and family. 

Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting can organize the most amazing private Olive Oil Tasting event for your group.  Offer to your friends or colleagues the chance to enjoy an authentic Greek artisan experience and learn everything about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and why it's so good for health & beauty. 
During this event, you will learn how to recognize a defective olive oil from a good one as well as how to correctly combine specific olive oils with different foods in order to transform a simple dish into something extraordinary simply by using the right olive oil. 


This knowledge will help you  you've been served in the olive oil evaluate the quality of restaurants


you visit in every part of the world and the quality of olive oil you buy for yourself. Additionally, you will discover the secrets behind the Meditteranean Diet, holistic health & beauty and treat yourself with a variety of the most delicious award-winning Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO).


Explore the extraordinary world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by becoming an Olive Oil Sommelier for a day!

Wedding Favors

Want to join the latest trend for your Wedding day?


Share the perfect wedding favor…private labeled Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A favorite wedding tradition is to provide every guest with a remembrance of the happy occasion. What better way to introduce friends and family to the “Mediterranean Lifestyle” than with a personalized gift? Design your own label for bottles of extra virgin olive oil as a favor for your wedding guests. Your personalized label can include the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date. Or, you can decorate small bottles of olive oil with ribbons and cards to match your wedding decor. 


Or gift an Olive Tree

The long-lived olive tree, the ancient symbol of wisdom, peace, hope, light, fertility, health, and wealth, is also a perfect wedding gift for any couple starting a happy home together. Olive trees can be grown in the ground or in a container and will not only symbolize the longevity of the union but also represent continued abundance in years to come. In Greece, a common blessing for married couples is: "May you always have bread and wine and olive oil in your house."

Sharing the rich symbolic history of the olive tree will make your gift even more meaningful. The Olive Tree is known as:


  • The tree of wisdom: In Greek mythology, the olive tree was given to the people as a gift from the gods. Athens is named for the goddess of wisdom, Athena, who won the city for her own in a contest against her uncle Poseidon as to who could give the best gift. Poseidon created a spring, whose water turned out to be salty and undrinkable, while Athena’s gift of the olive tree provided the citizens with an everlasting source of food, oil and wood.

  • The tree of peace: Eirene, the goddess of peace and daughter of Zeus and Themed, was always depicted with an olive branch in her hand. Later, in periods of war, the couriers of peace were sent holding a symbolic olive branch in their hand. To this day, we still use the phrase, “holding out an olive branch” to indicate cooperation or reconciliation.

  • The tree of hope: In the Old Testament, a dove sent out from the Ark to find dry land returned with an olive branch, announcing the end of the flood and bringing hope to Noah and his family.

  • The tree of light: Olive oil was used in lamps as lighting oil and was a major source of light for homes and buildings in years past.

  • The tree of fertility: In early medicine, olive oil was considered to be an aphrodisiac. Newly-pressed olive oil was also believed to be a treatment for infertility. 

  • The tree of health: Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, touted the numerous health benefits of olive oil, many of which are being rediscovered today.

  • The tree of wealth: Currently, over one billion olive trees grow on six of the seven continents in twenty countries around the world, providing an enormous source of wealth to people around the globe.

Olive Oil Tasting Parties
olive oil trees ready to plant
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