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Discover the Timeless Flavors of Thymissi: A Journey into Greek Culinary History

In the world of gastronomy, tastes hold the power to transport us to different times and places, carrying memories and narratives. Thymissi is a remarkable project that embarks on a journey to explore our collective culinary memory, seeking the authentic and timeless flavors of Greece. This endeavor bridges the past with the present, reviving the aromas and colors of the Greek land, and embracing the values of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Join us as we delve into the world of Thymissi and discover the untold stories of Greek culinary history.

Exploring Culinary Memory

Thymissi is not merely an attempt to standardize Greek products; it is a profound exploration of Greek culinary memory and history. It is a quest to unearth the genuine flavors of Greece that transcend time and place, vividly capturing the aromas and colors of the Greek land. The project serves as a platform to highlight and promote a vibrant core of contemporary Greek producers who consciously choose organic and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. By selecting such dedicated producers, Thymissi ensures that the raw materials are cultivated with utmost care, allowing the final product to embody the highest nutritional value.

Respecting the Land

Thymissi recognizes the pure and authentic offerings of the Greek land and reciprocates with respect and love. Every stage of Thymissi's product production is meticulously carried out with the intention of minimizing the environmental footprint. Collaborating with producers who employ organic cultivation methods and gentle, natural processing techniques for the raw materials, Thymissi adheres to a sustainable production model. This approach ensures that the resulting products possess exceptional nutritional value, while preserving the integrity of the land and the environment. Additionally, in the final stage of standardization, Thymissi carefully selects packaging made from recyclable or recycled materials, allowing for the possibility of reuse, particularly with refill packaging for spices.

Thymissi's Exceptional Offerings

Thymissi proudly presents an array of exceptional products, each designed to showcase the rich flavors of Greece:

ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Derived from organic olive groves in Lasithi, Crete, Thymissi's organic extra virgin olive oil is meticulously produced using the cold extraction method. This process utilizes solely mechanical means and modern milling techniques, ensuring the preservation of its high nutritional value. With its richness in sterols, fatty acids, antioxidants, and the captivating aromas of the Cretan Koroneiki variety, this extra virgin olive oil represents the epitome of quality and authenticity. Its aromatic profile includes aromas reminiscent to freshly cut grass, green banana, artichoke, tomato leaf and green almond. Ideally pairs with Greek salad, leafy greens, legumes, tomato sauce, grilled red meat & poultry, soft cheeses, soups, fruit salads & chocolate desserts.

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL with Basil: Thymissi combines products from two organic cultivations in Lasithi, Crete to create Organic Olive Oil with Basil. The exceptional Cretan extra virgin olive oil is infused with natural basil extract, resulting in an aromatic olive oil of remarkable gastronomic value. Just a few drops are enough to elevate any dish, infusing it with the refreshing scent of freshly cut basil.

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL with Oregano: Marriage of the exceptional extra virgin olive oil from the organic olive groves of Lasithi with Cretan oregano yields Thymissi's Organic Olive Oil with Oregano. This naturally aromatic olive oil, without any artificial flavoring, adds a unique zest to your culinary creations. A mere few drops will evoke the flavorful memories of freshly picked oregano, enhancing the taste of your dishes.

We invite you to explore the captivating flavors and rich history of Greek cuisine. Through commitment to organic cultivation, sustainable practices, and the preservation of the Greek land's natural beauty, Thymissi represents a testament to the harmony between nature, craftsmanship, and culinary artistry. Discover the timeless flavors of Thymissi and let each drop transport you to the vibrant landscapes and the age-old traditions of Greece.

Discover all the Thymissi products here.

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