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Olive Oil Tasting

Are you in Mykonos and want to offer yourself a life-changing experience?

Join an authentic, interactive, fun and educational workshop on the art of tasting and appreciating the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Step into the world of Olive Oil!

Nowadays the use of olive oil is no longer limited to areas where the olive tree is grown and it has come to represent quality cooking almost all over the globe, making olive oil one of the most fundamental ingredients in the culinary world. Extra Virgin Olive Oils have different aromas, colors, textures and flavors. This opens a wide range of possibilities at the moment of being creative in the kitchen and adding your own personal touch to your dishes. Choosing an olive oil to pair with food is similar to choosing a wine to go along with the meal. You want the flavors to complement each other, without overpowering any of the primary flavors. Yet sometimes a contrasting flavor is nice when tasting each ingredient separately.

What people say...

Barbara H. - Maine 

Anita was so knowledgable about olive oil. I had no idea how many different flavors & smells exist in olive oil. I loved the food pairing activity. I would higly recommend this training to everyone.

Kerry R. - Wisconsin 

Thank you Anita for helping us learn so much about olive oil. I promise I will never eat rancid olive oil again in my life!

Mathilde - In Olio Veritas - France

Thank you Anita for the very interesting panorama on Greek olive oils and the discovery of delicious oils from all over the country. We love Olive Oil!

Jessica & Julien - Montral 

This was great! We are much more informed in olive oils - wow! We will definitely choose our oils better now. Big thanks to Anita!

Carol F. - Miami 

Had a wonderful time learning about olive oil and how to appreciate it. Thank you for teaching us a healthier way of life.

Brandon & Amanda - Chicago

We really enjoyed our olive oil tasting with Anita and also learned so much. The experience was exceptional - as was the setting!


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