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Wrap yourself in Koho Cosmetics, made exclusively with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our skin is our home. It shields us from the heat of summer, the cold of winter, it gives us a connection to the world around us through our senses and nervous system. We should care for it as it deserves, with passion and creativity. This is how entrepreneurial Kiriakos Apostolakis came to create the brand, as an evolution of his Salvation EVOO, lacing his Extra Virgin Olive Oil within cosmetics designed to bring your spirit, heart, and body into harmony. With this in mind, let Koho Cosmetics take you on a journey of

Body & Mind Euphoria

Olive Oil has been produced since ancient civilization not as a staple part of our diet, but rather as a beauty product, a base for body lotions and perfumes. The ancients knew how to extract olive oil and anoint it with spices that would act as protection from harsh salt winds for sailors, that would invigorate the blood flow and charge their athletes, and make the bodies of women irresistible treasure with which they would seduce their suitors.

To apply the ancient powers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the skin, search no further than Koho Cosmetics. They have a remedy that’s just perfect for you. Their philosophy is that their lotions lead you on a journey of self-discovery, towards finding inner balance through self-care and sensitivity towards your own unique needs. Bring about your states of euphoria in body and mind with their range of products, from oils to mists, lotions, scrubs, and body butters, all of which are packed with the benefits of high phenolic, antioxidant liquid gold that is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Dry Oil with Glitter: Shades of Gray, for all skin types The pleasure of the senses in all shades. Every woman is unique. Shades of Gray dry oil is based on premium extra virgin olive oil that brings out every woman's radiance while protecting and nourishing her, extracting her glow and magnifying her identity.

Dry Oil with Shimmer. Shine Together, for all skin types Shine Together Dry Shine Oil awakens your sensitivity to the brilliance of the moment as it is shared in the exchange of gentle touches. Feel more than golden and release all the passion that characterizes you.

Body Butter. Amazing Love, for all skin types For irresistible attraction. The body is made of memories - which are a collage of scents and images. Travel on the silken texture and exciting aroma of Amazing Love body butter. Discover and give in to the deepest "wants"! Where your senses collide and memories awaken. Where smells cause irresistible attraction and evoke eroticism.

Body Scrub. Romantic Break, for all skin types Daily life is full of rhythm but what the body needs to feel the pulse are those tiny moments of suspense and deep relaxation that lowers the heart rate and raise the mood. Isolate yourself from sounds and thoughts. Get back in touch with your body, and reward it as generously as it deserves with the Romantic Break body scrub.

Body Lotion. Hopeless Romantic, for all skin types The need for care never ends. The Hopelessly Romantic body lotion plays on your inner romantic, with caresses of the most therapeutic feel. A pure extra virgin olive oil base brings about unprecedented euphoria, harmonizing your spiritual and physical beings as one.

Body Mist. Unforgettable Moment, for all skin types The scent is the secret weapon of an unforgettable woman. She lingers in the air as she disappears, marking her presence wherever she goes. This body mist is for the woman who captures the eye in an instant, remaining indelible in the memory, forever.

Hand Cream. Felicity, for all skin types

Moisturizes the skin of your hands deeply, leaving it very soft and elastic. It has a non-greasy texture and a very subtle scent.

It is ideal for many uses during the day, in summer and in winter when your hands face extreme dehydration conditions such as cold, heat and sunlight.

These high-end beauty products are created from Salvation Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are made from the highest quality olives from the heart of Monemvasia in the Peloponesse. Feel the beauty of earth herself in the palm of your hands as you apply them to your skin, experiencing the subtle yet certain change in the way the world feels, now that you’re wrapped in Koho Cosmetics!

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