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The Olive Oil Happiness

Updated: Apr 12

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It was almost 5 years ago when I started offering olive oil tasting workshops in Mykonos when I first started to realize the magic around olive oil and the magical moments taking place around a tasting table. I saw how people came to the tasting and how they left. I saw how people start to open up, use all their senses, are enchanted and finally they all become a big happy group even though they were strangers among themselves. Olive oil tasting apart from changing a daily habit for all these people, the quality of olive oil they consume, has a strong impact on their whole being. Their body, mind and soul. It has a holistic dimension.

Olive Oil is not a simple product, it is a product that stimulates senses and emotions like no other, opens hearts, hugs, forms smiles and changes lives. People leave the tasting table with a big smile, deep appreciation and gratitude for Nature's most precious gift but also more awakened, conscious and knowledgeable. As for me? Is there greater happiness than this?! Seeing the transformation and improvement of the daily lives of hundreds of people from all over the world?!

Learning to taste, select and pair olive oil with food is one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge that one can offer himself since Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only a main culinary ingredient consumed every day but a unique & precious health, beauty & wellness elixir! "IOC ANALYSIS OF OLIVE OIL SENTIMENT IS POSITIVE FOR CONSUMERS"

When I came across this article from the International Olive Council I was amazed by this research and felt that I can confirm what I read 100% speaking from my experience with olive oil and the consumers. Take a look on the article:

“Saying the words ‘extra virgin olive oil’ is always positive. Especially when this foodstuff is expertly used in diets by chefs who enhance its flavors and health properties”. This was stated by the Executive Director of the International Olive Oil Council, Abdellatif Ghedira, in a statement to journalists attending the press conference of the 15th edition of Qoco – a trickle of oil on your plate. “The IOC,” Ghedira added, “analyzed 10,000 English-language tweets containing the words olive oil. We found that the sentiment and emotional state underlying the text were generally positive, confident and happy. The most frequently used words in these tweets referred to fresh foods common in the Mediterranean diet, including extra virgin olive oil. The words ‘extra’ and ‘virgin’ were also found. The words ‘as good’, used a total of 1,787 times, topped the list. The root word ‘health’ appeared 397 times and the word ‘healthy’ 165 times. “We welcome these competitions between chefs to extol the use of extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen,” IOC Executive Director Abdellatif Ghedira reported at the end. And for those who want to learn more about these topics, concluded Ghedira, you can visit the IOC’s website by clicking on the following links:

Happy reading to you all, in this magical world of extra virgin olive oil!

mykonos olive oil tasting happiness mediterranean diet greece kids olive oil tasting greek olive oil


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