The key marketing tool for Extra Virgin Olive Oil promotion is training

When speaking to olive oil producers I normally hear complaints about the low prices and the difficulty to promote their product. Speaking with restaurant owners most of the time I hear: “Why should I invest in a better quality of olive oil since my customers are not able to understand what they are eating?”. Speaking with consumers I often hear: “I want to learn more about olive oil, I want to be able to select a good olive oil for my family and not eat everything we’ve been served, but where can I find this education?”. This is the best-case scenario when a consumer wants to know more about olive oil. Most of them they don’t even know that olive oil has different categories, or that it is a very sensitive product that needs special storing conditions, or that every variety has different characteristics when it comes to aromas and flavors.

It is true that in the last 25 years, world consumption of olive oil has increas