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Pathos, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Cretan Soul & Passion

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

PATHOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the island of Crete. Pathos in Greek means ‘passion’.

When one thinks of Crete, one's mind goes immediately to its beautiful beaches, its warm sun, its hospitable people, its unique gastronomy, and of course olive oil. Olive oil is the trademark of the Cretan diet and therefore of the whole island. It is with passion for Cretan culture that each bottle of Pathos represents the soil and the people who come from that part of the earth. It is said that the olive tree reached Greece from Palestine and Syria via Crete. The “holy tree”, the olive tree, played a prominent role in the Minoan civilization in diet as well as worship. Today, olive oil is fundamental to the whole world’s diet, proving that it contributes to good health and longevity.

The olive trees of Pathos grow in the beautiful area of the northern foot of Mount Psiloritis and specifically in Kavalaria, Korfes Malevizi - Heraklion. The olives are ripening day by day, reaching the perfect ripeness before being taken to the mill for cold extraction. Deep knowledge and contemporary methods of extraction give the taste a luxurious prominence. The flavor is harmonious, combining bitter and spicy tones with an intense aroma. Notes of freshly-cut grass, tomato, artichoke, almond and chicory dominate in the nose and the mouth.

Pathos is an award-winning, Koroneiki single-varietal, extra virgin olive with high phenolic content, and very low acidity.

The shape of the bottle in which Pathos olive oil is contained, is specially selected for ease and comfort of use and is inspired by the content itself: the olive oil and the olive. Seen from the side, the bottle casts a shadow of leaves evoking a sense of fine fruit falling to the earth. mostPathos embodies worship of the sacred tree which, for centuries, has tirelessly provided the important product of the Greek land.

Since Koroneiki variety pairs with almost any food, we recommend using Pathos to highlight the flavor of leafy greens, steamed vegetables, Greek salad, red meats, soups, pizzas, pasta, and chocolate desserts.


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