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Introducing DIA ELIS EVOO from Amaliada of the Peloponnese

DIA ELIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organic and High Phenolic (it has a concentration of 826mg/kg of total phenols) rendering it a very beneficial health and wellness elixir.

Harvested manually from olive trees of up to 70 years old covering 40 acres of groves. The olives are collected in the latter half of October, in the early mornings, and taken to the mill by noon where the cold extraction process begins (at around 23 degrees Celsius). The olive oil produced is filtered and kept in stainless steel storage tanks with inert gas to prevent the slightest oxidation and reach you always fresh and fragrant.

This magnificent Koroneiki juice begins the olfactory phase with an intense aroma of green olives and freshly cut grass. Among its olfactory nuances, green apple, green almond, tomato, and artichoke stand out. Of great retronasal complexity on the palate, it reveals fruit herbs of the countryside, tomato, olive leaves, and grass. With an extremely balanced and appropriate spiciness and bitterness, it is a great EVOO as a whole. Complex, harmonious, and long-lasting.

You can pair it with almost any food but it certainly loves a Greek (horiatiki) salad with lots of Greek feta in it!

Don't miss trying the watermelon or figs and feta salad with Dia Elis Evoo. Try it also on red and white meats, steamed vegetables, soups, fruit salads and chocolate desserts.

The olive groves are located in Amaliada (municipality of Ilida) which in ancient times was called “Ilida”. Amaliada belongs to the wider area of what is today known as Ancient Elis or Ancient Ilida in the west of the Peloponnese, 30km from Olympia - where the ancient games were held. In The Iliad, Rhapsody B, verse 615, Homer refers to this area as "Dian Elis" meaning "divine Ilida". We know it is divine, as Olympia is indeed dedicated to the god Zeus and his wife the goddess Hera. DIA ELIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil is named after Homer’s text’s declaration.

In the region of Olympia there lies a temple dedicated to Zeus. The kingdoms of Ancient Elis

and neighboring Ancient Pissa were in competition to claim the temple within their territories. When Ancient Ellis won the dispute, they began a reign over the region marked by 700 years of peace. Archaeologists have never discovered any instruments of war there, meaning that there was never a battle, but a peaceful assertion of control followed by centuries of civic harmony.

This is why the city was dedicated to peace and became known for its laws which were renowned across Greece, and highly regarded for their religious, economic and civilian values. No greater achievement could Ancient Elis have achieved than the Olympic Games, which it did. This global legacy which has stretched across time until today began in Ancient Ilida.

For one month, athletes from around the world would gather for training at Ancient Ilida, before walking together along a path to Olympia to compete. The athletes were only men. As

Ancient Ilida was in collaboration with Sparta rather than Athens, they were influenced by a progressive and liberated role for women of the ancient world. Ancient Elis had 16 women from wealthy families, considered priestesses, who would light the Olympic flames, and there is a long history of prophecy coming from both men + women of Ancient Elis. Ancient Elis had the rare privilege of hosting women's athletic running events dedicated to the goddess Hera, every four years. We don’t know when exactly they were held, if in parallel with the Olympics or not. The women ran in 3 groups according to their age. They wore a short dress bearing their right shoulder + breast, with their hair loose. If you visit the Vatican Museum today you’ll find a statue dedicated to a female winner.

This is why the logo of Dia Elis is a woman running. She is running towards the future. The bottle containing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in the shape of a column, and it bears a gold spot at the top. This iridescent spot represents ancient technology, the metal center of the column with which it is stabilized.

Rarely do you find a product with so much depth as Dia Elis, in its essence, as well as in its design and of course, its exquisite and nutritious flavor.


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