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E-LA-WON pays tribute to Greece’s 200 years of Independence with a limited edition bottle of EVOO

25th of March 2021 is a historic day for us the Greeks. We celebrate 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the War of Independence. We celebrate 200 years of Modern Greece. It is a key historical event because it is both an occasion to recognize the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors while it also requires us to think about the present-day position of our country and its future.

The company E-LA-WON, a synonym of high-quality premium products, honors the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution 1821-2021 by launching a collectible, numbered, limited edition bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Mr. Ioannis Kampouris the owner of E-LA-WON, confesses that the idea came from an old photo (1913) of his grandfather Konstantis in the uniform of the presidential guard of Evzoni. Thus, inspired by the Greek tsarouchi, as a symbol of valor, militancy and national pride, they created - as a sign of honor - this anniversary bottle of a unique EVOO blend.

This particular extra virgin olive oil blend is an ode to Greek nature. A golden natural juice that comes from Agrielia (wild olive tree) and the rare variety of Botsikoelia, which is considered a remarkable variety of olive that grows in Ilia region (West Peloponnese) and has very special organoleptic characteristics.

Botsikoelia is the mother of the Spanish Arbequina. According to the information contained in Spanish documents, the Botsikoelia variety was introduced to Spain from Greece when, in the 15th century, Spanish seafarers, including the Duke of Medinaceli (Sir of Arbeca), transported it and planted it in the province of Leida in Catalonia. The clean, disarmingly simple and at the same time rich taste of this particular blend takes the gustatory pleasure to the next level.

Agrielia is a long-lived and immortal shrub. According to Pliny, this olive oil is obtained by pressing the olive when it is still unripe. Agrielia olive oil is richer in Ω-3 and Ω-6 fats. Medicinal substances found in Agrielia have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties.

Some of the major health benefits of Agrielia (wild) Olive Oil are:

· Lowers harmful blood cholesterol (LDL) and helps the normal functioning of the arteries, preventing the formation of blood clots.

· Lowers blood pressure.

· Contributes to good brain health as well as good bone health, especially in young children, as it helps in the absorption of calcium.

· Due to its high content in vitamin E, it contributes to the smooth aging process and is essential for the elderly.

The innovative packaging with the addition of nitrogen in the empty part of the glass bottle keeps the freshness of the olive juice as well as its organoleptic and chemical characteristics. The very low acidity, its unique aromatic profile, the intense fruity combined with a strong spicy aftertaste makes it a very special EVOO worth to taste.

You can order this unique, award-winning EVOO in a collectible bottle here.


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