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Discover Stalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Messinia

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The word “Staliá” comes from the Greek verb “ενσταλάζω” (to infuse, to instill), which also means to inspire, to cultivate a feeling gradually and systematically. Literally, it means “a little drop”, and in this case, “a drop of Greece” created for you by two sisters in the Peloponnese. Their dream is for these drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle around the world and inspire tasters to fall in love with the essence of Greece.

These drops of golden EVOO are squeezed in the sisters’ small town of Gargalianoi, in Western Messinia of the Peloponnese, where there is a long history of olive oil production of the Koroneiki variety. There, they helped their father in the modernization of traditional production methods of their beloved Staliá, with a deep appreciation of nature and their home soil.
Research has shown that olive trees have grown and been cultivated in Gargalianoi since 30,000 BC. In ancient times, olive oils were a cosmetic, and archaeologists have found large vats there dating back to the 15th-13th century BC, which were used to store olive oil, as something precious and even sacred. Today we love to orally consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but the origins of olive oil were as ointments for the skin. The ideals of beauty and olive oil have gone hand in hand since the beginning of its creation. No wonder packaging is such an art form in itself when it comes to creating a successful olive oil brand.
The Bougatsou sisters, Filanthi & Katerina, have carefully and artistically designed a bottle to protect their product from the ‘enemies’ of olive oil, namely sun and heat. However, it is what

is inside the bottle that matters most to them. They are the descendants of 5 generations of family cultivated lands which have produced olives, vines, raisins, cereals and figs. By combining tradition with technology and innovative design, this sister act has created a fully certified, high-quality product in a gorgeous package. The array of awards Stalia has taken home is as awe-inspiring as their love and commitment to creating such an elixir.

Staliá not only verified the excellent quality with Gold Medals for quality, every year but also was awarded Best Packaging Design Medal confirming its beautiful presentation at the international olive oil competition TERRAOLIVO. It was found among the olive oils of the best quality and was awarded a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition in 2022.

How do they do it?
The olives are hand-picked the traditional way. They are cold-extracted the same day of harvest – in a perfectly controlled process, using modern methods, and in state-of-the-art conditions. The result? A beneficial, nutritious, delicious, aromatic little drop of Mediterranean heaven!
The aromatic profile
With an intense fruitiness in the nose of green and fresh olives, it is also reminiscent
of fruits such as almond, green banana and apple. It culminates with hints of freshly cut grass and aromatic herbs among which chicory stands out. On the palate, it has a sweet entrance without harshness or astringency. Its spiciness and bitterness are very well balanced and of medium intensity. Its aftertaste leads us to green almond and arugula. A very balanced EVOO between the nose and palate.

Suggested pairings
Koroneiki variety is Greece's most popular variety. It is cultivated all over the world because it gives a high yield and highly aromatic olive oils. Also, gives olive oils that pair with almost any food. We recommend using Staliá to highlight the flavor of leafy greens, steamed vegetables, Greek salad, red meats, poultry, oily fish, pizzas, pasta, fruit salads, and chocolate desserts.

Staliá EVOO also comes in an Organic version.


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