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Adopt an Olive Tree and have your own Olive Oil delivered to your doorstep, with Aniko

Aniko" in Greek means to belong.

An Olive Tree in Crete can be yours, it can belong to you. Isn't that an amazing thing?

Aniko produces an amazing Koroneiki variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your own olive tree and ships it to everywhere you live in the world!

What could be more delicious and rewarding than tasting your own olive oil?! The concept from Aniko is that you choose a specific olive tree in their grove through 360 photos of the field. It will be your tree for one year and the fruits of their labor come to your door. You choose your tree, they pamper it for you, they produce your Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the exact tree of your choice, one tree is one batch, your batch of olive oil, and you enjoy it at home (6 bottles x 500ml). Or you can offer a tree for one year to a friend, colleague, or family member.

The Aniko micro-production process takes place in their own olive grove in Chania, Crete, where the trees stand over 150 years old, with some wild trees boasting more than 500 years of wisdom. Over there, the passionate Aniko team ( George Dimopoulos & Herve Lecture) cultivates the Koroneiki variety in a grove that's abundant with local herbs like thyme and sage growing from traditional terraces among stone walls. This is where they look after the tree on your behalf with tenderness and delicacy.

It’s an all-year-round love affair from pruning in January and fertilizing in February, to harvesting from October to December. They conduct careful organic fertilization caring for the fertility of the tree according to laboratory analysis of its nutritional needs for calcium, potassium, nitrogen, etc. When cared for so delicately, even trees can take on a glow. During the dry summer season, your tree is watered to keep the fruits full and juicy, guaranteeing the finest quality olive oil to come. Finally, your olives are delicately hand-picked, for the best selection of fruits. Aniko avoids all mechanical harvesting to ensure the excellence of the fruit as well as the best care of them. There is a strict process to ensure that every tree gets its olives not mixed with the olives of another tree.

And then a micro-olive oil mill is used to ensure that the olive oil is extracted tree by tree.

It’s a devotional process.

This is what belonging feels and tastes like. Knowing that each olive and each stage of production is so intimately orchestrated delivers more than the standard health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil products. It transmits a feeling of connection, peace, and deep well-being.

Aniko transforms your relationship with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and offers you a philosophical experience. They also excel in bespoke gifting and can create something tailor-made for your corporate events or perfect as an event souvenir, for example, a miniature 50ml olive oil with a box made as you wish, for each of your guests.

Aniko Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so exclusive that you can only taste a few drops of it in our olive oil tastings on Mykonos island. If you find yourself in Mykonos stop by our venue and taste this unique olive oil, who knows maybe a centenarian olive tree from Crete will become yours!

Learn more about this unique project here.


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