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The Governor High Phenolic EVOO var. Lianolia

The Governor EVOO from Corfu Island is a rare, award-winning, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a distinct character. Produced drop by drop with painstaking care, this first batch of limited edition, early-harvest, fresh olive juice is high in phenolic compounds and full of concentrated goodness. The Governor is named in honour of the first governor of free Greece and founder of the modern Greek State, count Ioannis Kapodistrias.

Three generations of Dafnis family members tend the aged ‘Lianolia’ variety olive trees in the family grove, none of which is under 100 years old. Many of the trees have been flourishing for over 500 years on the fertile slopes leading down and to the Adriatic Sea. Careful harvesting in October produces an exceptional olive oil with notes of freshly-harvested olives, tomato, fresh-cut grass, olive leaf & herbs, rich in texture and with a unique peppery taste.

The character of a high phenolic olive oil can be peppery in the throat and bitter on the tongue.THIS IS NOT A DEFECT but is the indication of the presence of oleocanthal and oleacein, the most active phenolic compounds of olive oil.

To enjoy the most of it and add a new taste dimension to your salads, pasta, grilled vegetables, meat and chicken, drizzle some fresh The Governor EVOO before serving.

The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the first Olive Oil in the world to be classified as olive oil with a Health Claim due to its extremely high concentration of phenolic compounds and particularly Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals that destroy the membane of the cells (oxidative stress) and this may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only food source on the planet where you can find Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is of particular interest to the scientific world due to its biological activity. It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory which has been shown to interfere with the processes which are associated with many types of inflammatory diseases, these include:

- Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

- Joint degenerative diseases – such as arthritis.

- Specific Cancers – Breast and Leukemia

- Cardiovascular disease.

A high phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil potentially offers a wealth of other health benefits and could help with brain function, diabetes, reduce LDL cholesterol and improve skin conditions. Due to this characteristic, The Governor EVOO has numerous participation in scientific researches all of them against serious diseases and the results are published in official scientific magazines.

For over 100 year Dafnis Family produces olive oil in the island of Corfu. The latest generation Spyros & George have created their own oleoculture and tradition by starting a revolution on the island’s olive oil production practices. They travelled abroad, attended many courses and visited olive mills and they have transfered their knowledge and experience to the family's olive mill. Traditionaly the olive oil of Corfu never had a good reputation in Greece, this led to the conclusion that Lianolia variety is not able to produce olive oil of good quality. Dafnis family proved that if you change the production, harvest and milling practices you can produce an exceptional olive oil. Lianolia variety has found its Masters, and now we know that Corfu can offer amazing olive oil if knowledge, expertise, technology and passion are combined.

Therefore the moto of the family is: Producing The Governor is honor but above all responsibility!


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