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Pamako Extra Virgin Olive Oil var. Tsounati

We love when passionate people make the impossible possible. When their passion, love, commitment, determination and innovation creates little miracles. Because Pamako High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is exactly that. Created by one of the most passionate olive oil producers I have met, Mr. Eftihis Androulakis. Eftihis, an agricultural engineer from Chania Crete, decided to take over his family’s olive groves in 2014. He preserved the traditional methods of sustainable organic cultivation and processing and he integrated them with modern technology in order to get the best results possible and create a premium extra virgin olive oil. The interesting part of the story is that he created an exceptional olive oil from a variety that was greatly underestimated in Crete, the variety Tsounati or Mastoeidis (the second oldest

variety in Greece, cultivated since Minoan civilization). This variety has never been known to produce high quality olive oil (mostly because of wrong harvesting and milling processes), a view shared by many producers, traders and well-known olive oil tasters, leading the Cretans themselves to gradually push Tsounati to its extinction. Eftihis promised himself to prove all of them wrong. He started early harvest, hand picking, crushing the olives 4-6 hours after harvesting, applying integrated milling techniques and he managed to create a Tsounati extra virgin olive oil unique in the world which is winning awards in international olive oil competitions every year since 2014.

His centenarian olive groves in Selino - Chania, are situated in a rocky, mountainous area (800m altitude) with no easy access which makes the harvest difficult and the oil more precious. Eftihis, throughout his journey, kept in mind the advice of his grandfathers:

“to respect the trees, look after them, and they will richly reward you with their fruits.” His high quality extra virgin olive oil loaded with health benefits is his ultimate reward.

PAMAKO is one of the few olive oils worldwide to have a certified health claim on its label in accordance with the EU regulation 432/2012, as it contains very high amounts of phenols.

"Pamako", in Linear B syllabary indicates "Medicine". "I chose this name because, in addition to the flavor that olive oil offers to food, I want the consumer to see it on the table as a health-protecting medium," he explains.

Pamako Tsounati with its variety of aromas is a complexed olive oil with intense fruity, bitter and spicy offering a delicious harmony and long after taste. Its fruity is being characterized by aromas of fresh olive, artichoke, bitter almond, wild radish, herbs and tomato.

In the kitchen, it is used raw to drizzle your fresh or boiled salads, as a seasoning in grilled fish, chicken or meat, and along with your pizza or pasta.

Pamako is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that combines all: exceptional taste, international awards, benefits for health and well-being, it is organic and it is the result of hard work, passion and determination.

Pamako is availiable as a monovarietal of Tsounati variety and as a blend of varieties Tsounati & Koroneiki.

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