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Memecik varietal from OLEAMEA, an EVOO you can't miss!

I strongly believe that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has no borders. It isn't Greek, Spanish, Italian, Turkish or Tunisian. It is just an exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil with tons of hard work, expertise and a passionate person behind it. My appreciation and support to all these people behind every exceptional EVOO in this world are the least I can express and offer.

Merve Doran is one of those passionate persons behind the Turkish brand OLEAMEA. Her family has been producing olive oil in the southwest region of Turkey (Aydin) for 4 generations. With her brother, they grew up practically swimming in extra virgin olive oil!

Growing older, they became passionately involved in every step of the EVOO producing process – from cultivation to harvesting, milling and bottling. They take deep pride in protecting the incredible olive orchards which have not only given life to their product for centuries but have helped the local farming communities thrive. They are so excited to share their passion and heritage with the rest of the world, by delivering an incredible tasteful, sustainably sourced and healthy EVOO that everyone can experience. OLEAMEA’s philosophy is simple, they won’t serve their olive oil to your family unless they trust it enough to serve it to their. I have tasted many different Turkish EVOO’s lately and I can admit that the quality has been improved a lot the last 8-10 years. The most famous Turkish varietals are Gemlik (for table olives too), Ayvalik, Memecik and Domat. My favorite one by far is Memecik, grown mainly in the Aegean region of Turkey. Memecik varietal gives olive oils of a strong fruity aroma with notes of freshly-cut grass, green apple & banana, olive leaf and chicory. A dense taste of bitter almond and walnut with an intense bitter and pungent aftertaste are its characteristic. A very unique, fully aromatic & award - winning varietal that is worth trying.

I like to pair Memecik with meat stews, grilled chicken and lamb, steamed and grilled vegetables, vegetable tarts, legumes & pulses, Greek salad & potato salad, leafy greens, pizza

& pasta, risottos, semi-hard cheeses and chocolate desserts.

The product line of OLEAMEA consists of two products (the family photo includes also the Turkish labels).

Organic Premium Everyday (Dereli Serisi) Organic Premium Everyday is a single-blend crafted with early harvest Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within four hours of being hand-picked from the tree. It has a light and balanced taste profile with aromatic notes of green almond and hints of wild herbs. Perfect for brightening your everyday meals.

Organic Private Select (Altinova Serisi) Organic Private Select is crafted with a single-blend of Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within two hours of being hand-picked from the tree, allowing the maximum amount of polyphenols and antioxidants to be extracted. The terroir of the land high up in the hills gives it a fruity flavor, with aromatic notes of fresh-cut grass and a hint of banana to perfectly balance the distinct peppery bitterness that is a common trait of high-quality oils. A must for anyone looking to elevate their culinary experience.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a so complex, versatile and still unexplored product. Many believe that olive oil is "one product", but it is not. It has quality categories and different varietals that each one has a unique bouquet of aromas and flavors. If you are an olive oil lover always try to expand your tasting horizons by buying, tasting and exploring new varietals. Dare to make some innovative olive oil & food pairing combinations in your kitchen. This never - ending exploration will amaze you!

You can learn more about OLEAMEA EVOO's here


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