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Exploring the aromas of the most unique flavored Olive Oils in the world

Updated: May 15, 2020

We have created this column to share with you all the amazing products that we try and make our world a tastier place! Some weeks ago we tasted the unique flavored olive oils of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming. Why they are unique? Because they are not of just a single flavor like lemon or orange or oregano as most flavored olive oils in the market. They consist of a blend of ingredients creating to each one a rich bouquet of aromas and flavors ideal for unlimited culinary combinations. These olive oils offer a trip in nature's aromas that you do not easily forget.

Let’s meet them!


This flavored olive oil is unique in the world and is of a limited edition. Consists of Koroneiki olives, apples, walnuts, cinnamon, honey, sage and lemon. The result is a naturally flavored olive oil with superior taste, top quality, fine balance and characteristic aromas that have been awarded many times in international olive oil competitions with its top award being the Gold Medal for innovation in 2014 in the first year it was launched. It is an olive oil to create culinary creations that will surprise your friends and family. It pairs perfectly with beef or pork but I personally love to make desserts and breakfast with it. Try to drizzle your apple, nuts & cinnamon oatmeal or yogurt with it and you will be amazed!


The uniqueness of Majestic blend flavored EVOO lies in the combination of three olive varieties (Koroneiki, Kalamata, Koutsouroelia) which have absolute balance and harmony in taste, with a natural infusion of lemongrass and tarragon. The Majestic flavored blend EVOO limited edition is the ultimate culinary olive oil combination, as it can be added to the majority of dishes to enhance and offer great taste and flavor beyond any other flavored olive oil.

I love pairing Majestic with shrimps, fish and seafood in general.


Syllektikon flavored unripe olive oil (limited edition) is derived from unripe Koroneiki variety olives, fresh oranges, lemons and wild thyme. This flavored EVOO can complement and give character to a simple dish just as to any culinary creation, with the subtle presence of unripe olive oil, citrus and thyme. Syllektikon pairs perfectly with salads, red & white meats, fish ceviche, and desserts.

I love pouring some drops on my Green Veggies Juice to enhance the flavor and offer to my body more antioxidants. For me, this is the perfect immune system booster combination!


Gemstone flavored blend EVOO is a combination of three olive varieties (Koroneiki, Athinoelia, Kalamon) with a natural infusion of ginger, lime and basil. Gemstone Flavored Blend Evoo is a unique taste experience and a very interesting culinary olive oil combination, ideal to be added to a plethora of dishes to enhance their flavor. Gemstone was ranked 1st place worldwide in the flavored olive oil category by the international ranking system EVOOWR for 2019. Gemstone pairs perfectly with chicken, meat and fish and it is great also with pasta. I drizzled lamb from Delos with it before putting it in the oven and the aromas of all these herbs created an unforgettable dining experience.


Oleoastron Olive Oil is an innovative, gourmet flavored olive oil with unique characteristics. The ingredients of Oleoastron are Koroneiki variety olives, purslane, fennel seeds, laurel, oregano and rosemary. The naturally flavored Oleoastron is an inspiration for culinary creations for top chefs all over the world.

Personally I love combining the flavor of fennel seeds with chicken so I marinate chicken chops with Oleastron before BBQing them! It pairs also great with lentil soup or salad.

The men behind these oils are George Sakellaropoulos and his son Nick. George, a pioneering olive oil producer from Laconia was the first in Greece to practice organic olive farming from the early ’90s. His passion, love, dedication and will to create high-quality products led him to create a range of products made with unique natural formulas. The range includes 10 different olive oils (including the flavored ones), 11 different types of table olives, natural cosmetics and dried olive leaf tea.

Flavored olive oils of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming have won a great number of awards in the most important competitions in the world. These flavored olive oils are Haute Cuisine in five bottles. They are made of organic olive oil, they do not contain any artificial aromas or additives, they enclose a variety of nature's aromas and are ideal for countless pairings with food if you set your imagination free!

After all, is there a better condiment than Olive Oil, flavored or not?!


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