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Discover the taste of Eterniny, discover Ages EVOO

Ages EVOO is created by the monumental olive trees of one of the most ancient olive groves in Greece and Europe. The grove is situated in the north of Greece in Makri - Alexandroupolis. An area not very famous for its olive oil production (because of the small number of olive trees) that Kelidis family, who runs Kyklopas Olive Mill, has managed to make it famous all over the world by winning more than 100 awards in International Olive Oil Competitions. Kyklopas Early Harvest EVOO undoubtedly is the most award-winning extra virgin olive oil in Greece. This pioneer family who has the destiny to own this extraordinary olive grove is the guardian of this testimony of history and has the sacred duty to create a unique product and pass this unspoiled wonder to the next generation.

Ages EVOO is made by Makris variety olives within 4-8 hours of harvest in a cold-pressed procedure and under optimal conditions. It is characterized by fruitiness of medium to high intensity with enhanced tones of fresh green olive, green banana, artichoke, freshly cut grass, green almond, tomato and herbs. Complex in taste, yet delicate with moderate bitter and spicy tones it is best consumed raw as a finishing touch to almost all your dishes. Try pouring some drops on your salads, greek yogurt, vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse or Asian dishes to exalt your creations!

Discover the taste of Eternity!


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