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Interaction with other people is one of the most fulfilling things in life and now that we are all forced to practice social distancing, we begin to realize it more and more every day.

In Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting we enjoy so much share a table with people from all over the world and teach them everything we know about Olive Oil, Mediterranean Diet, Holistic Wellness, and how to live a happier, healthier and longer life by being inspired by the Mediterranean way of living.

This kind of education changes lives, we see it all the time and we feel blessed when we put a small brick in the building of a new habit, of a new life. But what it is more blessed is Olive Oil. 


Olive Oil can bring people closer, open hearts and hugs, awaken senses and emotions, and it can transform people’s lives.


I have discovered that at the end of every workshop when my guests offer me their hugs, smiles, love, and appreciation, or when I receive their e-mails months later telling me how their lives have changed because they now know how to choose good Olive Oil for them and their family, how to pair Olive Oil (the most important everyday cooking staple) with their food, how to cook & eat healthier and how to love and take care of their body inspired by the Mediterranean way of living example.


Since we live in these uncertain times where we do not know how tomorrow will be, when people will travel again or if we will be able to sit around the same table to enjoy Greek EVOO's and since I have missed a lot the interaction with all of you, I have decided to offer the following webinars:

1) Olive Oil from A to Z


2) Mediterranean Diet - They key to Holistic Wellness

These webinars will be delivered by me in real-time through Zoom platform.

I will be very happy to meet all of you online.


Sign up and enjoy the ride!

Anita Zachou

Olive Oil Expert - Agr. Engineer

Holistic Wellness Coach


Olive Oil 

from A to Z



The key to Holistic Wellness

Olive Oil has been the most important culinary ingredient for Greeks since ancient times.

Homer called it the “Liquid Gold” and Hippocrates the “Great Healer”.

It is considered the most healthy fat on earth, containing loads of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.

It is the core element of the Mediterranean Diet.

It accompanies our lives every day during our lifespan.

It is Mother Nature’s greatest gift to humanity.

Olive Oil is originally from the Mediterranean Basin but is being produced and consumed in many parts of the world. It is included by The European Parliament in the list of food products most subjected to fraud making people more suspicious when they are about to make buying choices.

This webinar is a great opportunity for all of those who wish to learn everything about Olive Oil, the most delicious, complex, unique, and healthy fat on earth.

Olive Oil from A to Z

What you'll learn:

  • Olive tree history 

  • Production & processing procedures

  • Olive oil grades and standards

  • The basic principles of olive oil tasting & sensory analysis

  • Most important Olive cultivars and terroir

  • Olive oil defects and positive attributes

  • How to select an Olive Oil from the shelves - The characteristics you must look for in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (so you can make good buying choices and avoid olive oil fraud).

  • Olive Oil & Food Pairing Tips

  • All the benefits of Olive Oil for your Health, Beauty, and Well-being

  • Delicious recipes with EVOO


Why attend this webinar

Olive oil is gaining ground & appreciation more and more lately due to its countless health benefits that are being revealed in a never-ending stream of research. Olive oil will help you live longer and healthier they say and that is great news,  but are all olive oils good and healthy?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an unprocessed fruit juice that reflects its terroir much like wine, and chefs around the world are only beginning to discover how to use different olive varieties to elevate their dishes to heights they never imagined.

But something else that has come to the forefront is the importance of choosing a high-quality olive oil to get the full advantage of these benefits. There’s a huge difference between a really great olive oil and one pretending to be. Mislabeled and substandard oils are a major concern for people who are responsible for making buying choices and for everyday consumers.

Learning everything about Olive Oil will help you appreciate and enjoy it without worrying if the one you bought is good for your health plus you will surprise your family and friends with the amazing EVOO & Food combinations that you will create! 

Mediterranean Diet - The key to Holistic Wellness

The Mediterranean Diet is not only a way to eat. "Diet" in ancient Greek means the way of living. It involves a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols, and traditions concerning crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, living and particularly the consumption of food. It is proved that the Mediterranean Diet has many health benefits such as lowers the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and other chronic diseases and contributes to longevity. 

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in nutrition and its multicultural dimensions but also for those who want to achieve holistic wellness to themselves gaining more happiness, balance, health and longevity.  Mediterranean Diet is the key to Holistic Wellness because affects all the dimensions of human existence. The Body, The mind, and the Soul.

Furthermore, this webinar offers an exciting journey to explore the cultures and traditions of Greece and how they differ when it comes to recipes, food production, and ways of cooking.

Mediterranean Diet was inscribed by UNESCO, in 2013, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

What you'll learn:

  • The basic principles of the Mediterranean Diet

  • Most important ingredients & cooking methods in MD

  • Most famous Greek Recipies

  • Benefits of MD for the Body, Mind and Soul

  • Most important Greek habits that contribute to longevity

  • Holistic Wellness tips inspired by Hippocrates


Attend both webinars and earn 10% discount

Book your place now!

Families of 4 and more members have 10% in the total amount. The discount will be applied when the booking is made from one credit card for all the members.
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