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The Art of Fine Living with Savoil Vivre

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

“Savoir vivre” the French say, is “to know how to live.” It seems that a whole nation knows how to do it. The French are masters of living well, socializing intelligently and knowing how to enjoy the best life has to offer - namely food and wine of course - with impeccable elegance and class. This must be what the Savoudakis estate intends to transmit as a feeling when you try their premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Savoil Vivre.

The Savouidakis family has managed to bring this quintessentially French approach to the cuisine into harmony with the wild Cretan soil and their famous diet. Marrying innovation and tradition, their olive oils today come from a line developed for over 100 years with a passion for their local gastronomy and life.

The idea behind “Savouidakis Olive Oils” is to showcase the treasures of a place that has been producing olive oil for over 100 years by “marrying” innovation and aesthetic quality with tradition. When creating their products, Savouidakis wants his consumers to feel the respect and care that goes into the process of evolving a mature, tasty and healthy product. Passion for the Cretan Diet, living abundantly, traditional knowledge and great hospitality underlie the production of the delicious Savoil EVOO.

Designing this premium olive oil to meet consumers with the highest expectations on quality in all areas of life, Savoil Vivre is of Koroneiki variety. It has a maximum free acidity of 0.3% with fresh aromas of green olives, freshly cut grass, pepper, chicory, almond and apple. The taste is medium bitter & spicy, leaving the signature burning sensation on the throat which testifies to the excellence of high phenolic content. It is best to consume raw on almost any food. We recommend it as the perfect condiment for a range of foods, like barbeques, white meats, leafy green salads, steamed vegetables, pasta, risotto, and chocolate desserts.

As we can say from our own tasting experience, Savoil Vivre combines elegance and quality, creating something sublime!


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