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Legendary Royal varietal of Jaén by Castillo de Canena

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

First - Early Royal of Castillo De Canena is a precious high-end Extra Virgin Olive Olive and one of my favorite olive oils & varietals. Having studied and spent much time in Jaén I can't hide my love for the extra virgin olive oils of this fruitful land!

For me, extra virgin olive oil has no borders. It isn't Greek, Spanish, Italian, Tunisian. It is just an exceptional extra virgin olive oil with tons of hard work, passion and expertise behind it and my appreciation is the least I can express.

Jaén is the largest producing region of Olive Oil in Spain and the world, producing by itself more Extra Virgin Olive Oil than the second-largest producer in the world, Italy.

The province of Jaén in Spain proclaims itself as "World Capital of Olive Oil" because it is the place with the highest concentration of olive trees and olive production (only in Jaén exist 66 million olive trees).

The varietal that abounds most in the province of Jaén is the Picual, although varietals of Royal, Arbequina, Cornicabra and many more are also grown.

Royal is a unique varietal native to the Cazorla Mountains of Jaén in whose cultivation goes back hundreds of years. The Royal olives and trees are very delicate and require hand harvesting. Because of this, and due to the olive's low oil yield, the Royal trees suffered a steep reduction over the last 100 years, almost reaching extinction.

Castillo de Canena rescued their Royal trees from a small territory in the mountains and planted them on their estate.

Their production method is based on a respectful environmental farming mode, which is achieved by combining the traditional style of their ancestors, with the most modern and ecological current technology.

Immediately after harvesting, the olives are taken to the mill for processing, through a strict security protocol, in order to maintain intact the flavor and aromas that this precious fruit has to offer.

Tasting the varietal Royal of Jaen by Castillo de Canena

Tasting Notes

Aromatically powerful with grass and green olive fruitiness, a great complexity of herbaceous and fruity tones. The fruitiness stands out with the presence of green banana & apple, and green almond, followed by vegetable aromas of artichoke and tomato. On the palate, it is delicate with light bitterness and medium spiciness. Harmonious, medium-structured, with almond & tropical fruits aftertaste and great persistence.

Food Pairing

Pairs perfectly with: grilled vegetables, bitter green salads, tomato sauces, grilled fish & ceviche, white meat, soups & stews, cocktails, chocolate & fresh fruit desserts. Royal with its unique taste and versatility is a favorite EVOO of Haute Cuisine Chefs.

A unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil for unique moments!

If you want to taste this exceptional EVOO you can order it here.


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