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Discover Ethos of Crete

"ἔ.thoς [é.tʰos (noun)] is a Greek word meaning a custom or a habit, reflecting our everlasting aspiration to connect with our past, revive the bonds with our tradition and honor the legacy inherited from our ancestors."

ἔ.thoς Of Crete

If you haven’t been to Crete, you absolutely must. Not only for the completely unique gastronomy but also for the incredible variety of landscapes on the island. There are mountains, beaches, gorges, and most inspiringly, some of the most ancient olive groves in all of Greece. This is a land with rich minerals in the terroir, thanks to the season's microclimate, and the strong Mediterranean sunshine. There is something savage about the land, a wild characteristic that you feel in the air, and which is represented by the island’s biodiversity. There are literally thousands of plants indigenous to Crete which grow only there.

So powerful are these soils that they inevitably bring generations of descendants scattered across the globe back home to appreciate their heritage. This is what happened to British -born Markos Kelly who left a life in London to inherit the family grove passed down by six generations of honey and herb producers in the Cretan village of Asimi.

This is where in 2019 he founded ἔ.thoς Oil. “Ethos” because it means to reclaim the inheritance from elders. While the spirit of the nectar reclaims intergenerational history, the means of production that go into the brand’s cultivation of the oil are state of the art. Tradition done in a modern way requires expertise in itself. The result is a gorgeous rendering of the Koroneiki variety.

So if you can’t quite make it to Crete you can invite Crete to come to you with ἔ.thoς Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

ἔ.thoς EVOO

“This is the quintessence of our ancestral heritage captured in a bottle”. The complex, medium fruity EVOO is delicately bitter and leaves a lingering taste of spice. With notes of

fresh-cut grass, fig leaves, and citrus flowers, this organoleptic profile balances the fruity, spicy, and bitter essences to perfection, while maintaining the signature aromas of the Koroneiki variety. It’s ideal with hot and cold soups, salads, pasta, poultry, fish filets, as well as in a meat marinade or drizzling your BBQs. Taking gold award in the 2021 Athena Olive Oil Competition awards, this mid/late October harvest warrants trying for yourself.

ἔ.thoς Organic

Extracted in early November from the finest olives from the estate’s Monofatsi region in South Messara, at the foothills of the Asterousia mountains which stand at a peak altitude of 350m, the aromatic blend of the ἔ.thoς Organic sparks a sensation of fresh grass and olive leaves. Constituted by the purest olive fruit juice, it leaves a “petite mort” behind the mouth and nose.

ἔ.thoς HONEY

Organic Premium Cretan Thyme and Pine Honey. This mouthful of gold is harvested by indigenous bees that cultivate purely Cretan nectar above altitudes of 750m. The resonance of complex grains hovers above a bedrock of the Greek pine tree and thyme notes, infused with the diaspora of other wild mountain herbs. “This is unspoilt, raw Cretan nature in a jar”. No wonder it took the Great Taste Award in 2021, as well as Gold in the London International Honey Awards of 2020.

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